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Queen Rearing Kit

Queen Rearing Kit


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Out of stock

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Product Description

The Queen rearing kit incorporates 8 Bosi cells on a bar that can be easily fixed to a frame. Ideal for the hobbyist to try queen raising in its simplest form, a Chinese grafting tool is also included.

Place the attached bar into the hive and leave it for 1 day allowing the bees to aclimatise to it, ensuring the hive is queenless from this point, graft larve (no more than 24hours old) into the cells and leave for upto 8 days until sealed. At this point either a cell protector needs to be place over each Queen Cell or they need to be moved into individual mating nucs.

Please Note: 10 beekeepers are well known to have 11 different opinions, the content of this text is ours.

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