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Propolair Propolis Diffusers

Propolair Propolis Diffusers


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Product Description

Propolair Car Diffuser


Increasingly, the question of air quality & pollution on our roads and in our streets is being currently discussed. At this time, the Authorities do not appear to have any clear way to address the problem. The Propolair provides an ideal and natural aid to this new problem that now confronts us.


Propolair diffusers spread the fractions of propolis completely around the immediate area. Diffusers warm up Propolis to the melting point of the wax fraction, then bringing it to the optimum temperature for the release of the propolis fractions, the  “Propolair” vaporizer enriches the Car or Room atmosphere by diffusing Propolis particles that offer antibiotic , antiviral and immunologic protection. As well as aiding protection from bacteria and from catching colds.A simple method both easy and efficient, to take care of your wellbeing simply by breathing. On average, we take in the order of 23,000 breaths a day.


Propolis Capsules                                                                          

The refil packs contain 5 capsules usable in all Propolair models. They contain 95% Propolis and 5% Boswellia Serrata Incense which is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This synergy increases the body’s defences and enhances the properties of Propolis strengthening the benefits.

Weight 1 kg