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Borage Honey 8oz

Borage Honey 8oz


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Product Description

Made by bees, bottled by beekeepers…

Borage Honey 8oz

Hive Location: Greater London/Essex Boarders

Year: Harvested in 2017

Best Before: 2022

Our Honey

We only sell genuine honey of the purest form possible and bottle it as such, from each individual location. Nothing is added, blended or heated excessively. Such honey is often referred to as raw.

From the
assembly of hives and equipment to the honey extraction process in our
honey room and through to the final stages of bottling and labelling,
everything is carried out at our base in Blackheath Business Centre.

When honey sets

All real honey will natural solidify over time, this is known as set honey. If honey doesn’t set it has either been heated excessively or simply is not pure honey and must have other additives.

you prefer your honey in a runny form, simply warm it gently in a
saucepan of water at a low temperature until it returns to a liquid
state, taking care whilst doing so.


Please Note: Jars and labelling may occasionally vary.

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