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20 Frame Radial Honey Extractor

20 Frame Radial Honey Extractor


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Product Description

This superb machine is ideal for the amateur or professional with more than the average number of hives. The honey tank is made using the latest welding techniques, with the base domed and the bottom of the tank angled giving the honey gate a 45 degree outlet position.

The stainless cage will take any standard shallow frame. For those wishing to use Manley frames, an alternative cage is available at an additional charge. The extractor can be supplied with a set of 4 tangential screens as an optional extra, allowing the extraction of deep frames. The set of strong legs make this a sturdy unit and the reversable German motor is the workhorse of the best european extractors, extremely reliable, with care it will give many years of trouble free service.

Technical information:

Tank: 63cm

Overall Height: 98cm

Weight: 28kg

Weight 36 kg