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18 Frame Twin Honey Extractor and Uncapping Bay

18 Frame Twin Honey Extractor and Uncapping Bay


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SKU: 18-frame-twin-honey-extractor-and-uncapping-bay-309 Category:

Product Description

This Twin extractor brings together a compact unit comprising a bench style uncapping section combined with a large capacity 18 frame

Motorised extractor.

The motor, mounted at the base of the extractor, provides powerful and quiet extraction as well as being reversible in operation.

The bench style uncapping facility fitted to the left hand side of the unit is complete with a fully stainless steel rack for receiving uncapped frames ready to be loaded into the extraction bay on the right.

All cappings drop down onto the mesh below, allowing any honeyremaining to drip onto the sloping tray beneath.

As with all our extractors, the tank itself is fully stainless steel, and comes with full height legs. With the 18 Frame Twin a set of wheels is also included for easy movability.

Weight 40 kg