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October 2013 Preparing For Winter

October 2013 Preparing For Winter

With Summer now firmly behind us, Beekeepers attentions will be looking ahead and making preparations for winter. Good preparation is more important than ever with the heavy loses widely experienced over the past few seasons.Feeding syrup should be finished before the end of September as a rule. Continuing to do so now, and the chance of weather suddenly turning wintery, would cause the temperature to be to low for the bees to get the moisture off the syrup leaving them vulnerable to nosema. Should your bees be without sufficient stores, fondant or sugar patty will be necessary to help them through. This is a firmer form of sugar syrup without the excess water content. The experienced beekeeper will be able to check the state of a hives stores by ‘hefting’ the hive (lifting the hive from behind to judge the weight). If it is not too cold opening the hive and inspecting is also an important step.
When closing the bees for winter, you also need to consider ventilation. The age old match stick method still works. Whilst you may wish to put insulation over the crownboard, sliding match sticks underneath it allows good ventilation all round the top, gently dissipating the moisture, and the space being insufficient for the bees to get through.
Neopoll is fondant with added pollen to give your bees and extra boost when needed.
£3.95 1kg packet. For an outer 18 x 1 kg Neopoll, we offer a reduction of 25p / packet
Apifonda is plain fondant which can be fed throughout winter.
£5.95 2.5kg packet. 



Mouse Guards
Essential in the winter to prevent devastating internal damage to hives.