Mike Palmer

20th Mar 2014

A lecture given by Mike Palmer at the National Honey Show 2013 entitled “Queen Rearing in the Sustainable Apiary”.




November 2013

18th Nov 2013   Now that the weather seems to have turned the corner its highly likely that your bees have begun to settle down and cluster. We are still hearing of the occasional colony being active, making trips and returning from what is most likely ivy amongst a few others, but on the whole…


October 2013 Preparing For Winter

11th Oct 2013   With Summer now firmly behind us, Beekeepers attentions will be looking ahead and making preparations for winter. Good preparation is more important than ever with the heavy loses widely experienced over the past few seasons.Feeding syrup should be finished before the end of September as a rule. Continuing to do so…


Late August / Early September

2nd Sep 2013   As the Season is drawing to a close, amidst this year’s late start and changing seasonal pattern, it’s a busy time for a beekeeper. Its extraction season, so now is the time to harvest any honey crop you are fortunate to have. Be mindful not to leave your bees short though.…


Fascinating Different Bee Species

2nd Sep 2013 Spectacular new images of exotic bee species in a kaleidoscope of different colours reveal that the insects are not all a humdrum black and yellow.By Nick Collins, Science Correspondent, The Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/wildlife/10273387/Bees-not-just-black-and-yellow.html